Bonjour à tous !

Today, I would like to talk about a great tool that will definitely help you in your journey to becoming fluent in French: the adverbs. If you're not so much into grammar, don't worry, it's very simple: adverbs, such as "definitely" or "very" that I just used, are invariable elements that complete a verb (duh) and ultimately, add information to your sentences. There are three types of adverbs that we will see below.

C'est parti !

1- Les adverbes simples

These adverbs are called "simple" because they are made of only one word. They can give all sorts of information regarding the time / place / type of action mentioned by the verb.

For instance :

Hier (yersterday)
Hier, je suis allé à la plage.
Demain (tomorrow)
Demain, nous irons nous promener.
Bien (well)
Est-ce que vous avez bien mangé ?
Assez (enough)...
J'ai assez de salade, merci.

2- Les adverbes composés

These adverbs function exactly the same way the one in the former category do. The only difference is that the group of word is the adverb.

Ex :
Tout à coup (all at once, all of a sudden)
= Tout à coup, il s'est mis à pleuvoir.
à présent (nowadays)
= à présent, je n'ai plus peur du noir.
pas du tout (not at all)
= Je n'aime pas du tout ces biscuits.

3- Les adverbes en -ment

This category of adverb resembles a lot its English counterpart, the adverbs ending with -ly. The rule is similar too: take an adjective to transform it into an adverb.

The generic rule goes as follow:

  • Take an adjective

Ex: lent

  • Find its feminine form

Ex: lente

  • Add the suffix -ment

Ex: lentement => slowly

There are several variations and exceptions to this rule:

Exceptions :
Jolie => joliment.
Vraie => vraiment.

Les adjectifs terminés par -ent forment leurs adverbes en -emment.

Prudent => prudemment.
Impatient => impatiemment

Exception :
Lent => lentement.
Les adjectifs terminés par -ant forment leurs adverbes en -amment.
Brillant => brillamment.
Savant => savamment.

Et voilà ! Here's a quick explanation of basic adverbs and how you can start using them!

Let us know below what you'd like to work on next time!